We offer recruitment and placement services. To that end we have put together a team of highly qualified professionals. We have also implemented rigorous selection criteria for our candidates. We use specific tests for the job to be filled and we systematically verify references provided by candidates prior to presenting them to the employer.

Our use of state-of-the-art technologies and our personal contacts provide us with the means to find the right candidates for your business in very short timeframes. We provide a comprehensive evaluation report for each candidate that we present that permits you to visualize the candidates’ qualifications and experience.

We are proposing that you call upon our expert services to find the ideal candidate for your business, whether the requirement be permanent, contractual or temporary such as pregnancy or sick leave, special projects or temporary work overflows.

Our new innovation SUPRA PLUS OPTION is designed to offer the services of highly qualified professionals at a cost that is far more affordable. The range of services includes: accounting, translation, training, marketing services and more. Press the SUPRA PLUS OPTION button to find out more.

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Supra PLUS Option
We offer placement services on a permanent basis as well as on a temporary – long term basis
(3 months or more) in the following fields :
Office personnel: (Clerical- secretary, executive assistant, office clerk, accounting clerk, data entry clerk, receptionist, etc.)
Information technologies: (Analyst, programmer, designer, network maintenance, etc.)
Customer Service: (Supervisor, clerk, representative, etc.)
Entry-level positions and mid to upper-level management
Health care: (nursing and patient care personnel on a contractual basis when desired)