We, at Supra Human Resources Inc. have set our goal on finding the ideal candidate for your business, a team player who will contribute in achieving your company’s goals. We are specialists in our field and our expertise will fulfill your human resource requirements. We have earned our reputation as reputable head hunters.

Supra Human Resources Inc. offers a confidential and professional human resource recruitment and placement service that matches your objectives, whether these requirements are permanent, contractual or on a temporary basis. We have recently added an office in downtown Sherbrooke, Qc. Our team of experts will always be at your disposal offering professional services at reasonable rates and conditions that rival our competition. We also provide our clients with a satisfaction guarantee at no extra charge.

Additionally at the request of several clients, we have implemented the SUPRA PLUS OPTION. This feature offers complementary services intended for and adapted to the specific needs of employers, managers and entrepreneurs who wish to work with highly qualified professionals that possess impressive credentials and contacts without having to pay for the usual expensive consulting rates normally charged by these professionals. Find out more by clicking the SUPRA PLUS OPTION button.

We strive for quality not quantity when presenting candidates for your consideration.

Supra PLUS Option
Five reasons to retain
Supra Human Resources Inc.
Our courteous and professional approach
Our expertise in human resources
recruitment and placement
The quality of the candidates we propose.
Weekly follow-ups with our clients during the recruitment process as well as after the
hiring of the candidate.
Our reasonable rates and satisfaction guarantee.