To our candidates,

We sincerely thank you for submitting your candidacy.
We would ask that you join your diplomas or similar documents as well as your salary expectations to your curriculum vitae. We would also appreciate a covering letter with your application outlining your accomplishments thus far in your career as well as your goals
for the future.

Please note that we communicate only with selected candidates and that we do not accept to meet candidates without an appointment with a member of our team.

When selected by Supra Human Resources Inc., and an appointment is scheduled, candidates will be subjected to tests related to the position you have applied for. The results of the tests will be submitted to employers.

During your interview with Supra personnel, please provide a minimum of two (2) references from previous employers that should include your immediate supervisor and a telephone number where he or she can be reached. Letters of referral from previous employers are also accepted.

Rest assured that Supra Human Resources Inc. will treat your candidacy with great care and professionalism in order to find a position that corresponds to your talent and aspirations. Our team members will guide you and advise you in your search.

Thank you for the confidence you are placing in our team !

Supra PLUS Option